Ground Zero


About the Book
Because there are codes, intellectuals and artists from all parts of the world have been in conflict from time immemorial till today. They ponder on how to answer questions spurred by the progressing tendencies toward the emancipation of humans from frailties, and mysteries that remain unresolved till today. Some predict a less conflicting future, the Anti-Christ, others fear the loss of the cultural diversity of humanity, and some express bias toward secularity and religion. Eventually, at the point where major ideological conflicts gave rise to today’s controversies, a new fire of ideology flared up in Dotman, and he shares with us here where one would not have expected, at border lines not only between every single human today, but where the religions’ foundations of cultures are considered. In the midst of beliefs, labeled esoteric, beyond one’s own cultural world, home, knowledge, and ingenuity, he found a powerful “incident knowledge” that is so anomalous and converging and so inspiring, more than any right from time he has so far lived in the world. This zero is structured to use the works of the geniuses, but care was taken in the design of the zero so that codes were identified and decoded with tools created in the zero.

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